Energy & Life Overhaul (6 months, 1 hr p/week)


Energy & Life Overhaul (6 months, 1 hr p/week)


Let me help you make the law of attraction work for YOU

This is a considerable purchase and requires far more then just some money thrown at it. But bear in mind it also delivers very considerable results. Before reading any further, take a moment and check if you in your heart BELIEVE you can create and deserve huge positive change in all areas of your life. If the answer is “no,” then this is most definitely not for you.

Let me help you make the law of attraction work for you, not against you. How many are suffering from groundhog-itis? By my calculations, I come across about a bazillion people a year who funny enough and by no choice of their own have the same year dressed up as "life" again and again and again. Can you think of anything more tedious? Now I am not nor have I ever been someone who wishes to prove or disprove anything. I know I am beyond amazing at what I do, and the people I work with get it. And that is all that matters to me. What I do is I work with you on practical AND spiritual other worldly levels to clear all the debris and beliefs out that hinder you and we then implant all the beliefs that will, as I said, make the law of attraction and universe truly meet your needs and wishes.

You need six months, one hour every week to speak with me and a few hours in the first month for the homework I give you. We create a tailor-made bespoke program designed just for you. No cookie cutter or psychic spam cut and paste jobs. I will happily lie out the basics for anyone who wishes to know more. The price of the package is not a typo. I work like a field hand for six months and I am not kidding when I say it is intense, emotional and we (you and I) go and hit hard at your deepest soul levels. And terrifying as it sounds, it is actually amazingly good fun and 100 percent real.

If you are happy being you and life is delicious, I tip my hat to you and say well done. But if it’s hard and disappointing, and sometimes you wake up thinking hooray another day of the endless monotony that is my life, then you are the people I want. Because fixing mess and equipping people with the ability to be who they are really supposed to be is what I do best. That and baking, I kind of rock at baking. And I will only work with three clients at a time with this particular work. It is too intense and time consuming for me to be juggling the masses. Change, big fat amazing exactly-what-you-dream change is possible, and to get a feel for the epicness that is me, try one of my 90-minute sessions.

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"Sooooooooooo, I purchased the Energy and Life Overhaul in April 2014, because I desperately needed it and basically my life was awful at that point, I was so fucking miserable. Fast forward nearly a year later and O.M.G, my life has done a complete 180, I am so much happier than I ever thought I would be. I am in a job that makes me super happy, and I am happy and content in my life, which is all I really wanted.

When I got this, I had just been fired from my job, and absolutely nothing was going right. I was so unhappy with my life and saw no way to make it better, like I was at the bottom of a giant hole. Starting with Monika, she sets homework, which is fun and interesting, and she ALWAYS sets time aside for you. Seriously, in the beginning I talked to her for like two hours on each phone call, and I text her every fucking day, often more than once (which can probably be annoying sometimes) and she always responds. My journey with her has taken so many twists and turns but if someone were to ask me if I would recommend this I would say fuck yes!!!!

It is so completely worth it, and in the end, isn’t it your life in the end? Shouldn’t you be happy in your life, and not have to put up with shit? Thought so.

People sleepwalk through life, not realising that they can wake up and change their lives. And this will so change your life, it will super charge it.

I know it is a lot of money, I sure as fuck balked at the price, but let me tell you it is so so worth it. Worth every penny, you will see such a difference for the better and I cannot stress enough how worth it this is."

- Pam, France

"I have done this package, and I thought it might be useful to have the perspective of an actual participant of it. Below is my experience, if you are on the fence or just more then a little curious to know what it is like read on :)

I was in a place where nothing was fitting. I knew what I wanted, but no matter what I did, I was still not where I wanted to be. I tried being super good by going to church each week. I was all about being super accommodating to people who really had no business in my life let alone being accommodated. I took two years of doing it all wrong while she just waited. She is an awesome listener, and she let me make all the mistakes I wanted with no judgment. For me, I was after a workplace where I was appreciated and to date people who were not total douche bags. This is a lot of money, but what I did was look at how my life had progressed and that if I didn't change I was gonna keep having the same year again and again. I couldn't face it, just the thought of another year of being in relationships with the wrong people, and a job I hated everyone in.

So I bit the bullet, and I did it. Then I was like what the f*** for a few hours. Then I got super excited. She didn't talk to me once a week, she talked to me EVERY DAY, because at that point it was what I needed. So my job was to first write a letter, to myself. Which was weird to me, I started and stopped like 5 times. And then I could hear her in my head going writeeee, so I did, and I went wild. I put down everything I wanted over the next two years.

Then I put it in an envelope and shoved it under my bed. Once a week I had to write how I felt over the week, all the good and bad emotions. The letter and weekly notes were a way of monitoring where I was. Tell you what I noticed, I felt super strong within the first few days. Because I knew I was doing stuff FOR ME, which I had not done before. I don't know what you are like but I was super people pleasey, it was never about me, always everyone else. What she showed me really early on was that I could still be nice and not be everyone's therapist or doormat desperate for what I want girl.

She literally climbs in your energy, and rearranges stuff the way it should be. Sometimes I could feel it. It was like a hug sometimes. Other times it was this headache I would get. But not like it hurt, like I could feel energy moving around me. I know it sounds crazy but that's what it was like. I am a massive empathic. And she taught me how to work with and control it. When I did that, it was like a day and night thing. I felt like in my core, I was now becoming who I really was. Does that make sense?

If I had a question, or a problem, she always made and still makes time for me. She gives so much more then you pay for, and it was wild because the effects of what we did reached way past me. Because I changed, so did everyone around me. I was not the outsider anymore. I noticed people treated me VERY differently, because I was VERY different. I was still me, but so much stronger, and confident. No more anxiety about who I was.

She does two hours a day on you, more if she needs it. And once a week we did a session on my abilities, this blew my mind. It gave me balance, and now I have this kind of knowing, I am not in the dark or wildly unrealistic about people and my perceived shortcomings. So I can only say “do it,” because when I finally did let her help me I spent ages kicking myself for waiting so long. What you learn about you will blow your mind :)"

- Tracy K, New Jersey

"After spending loads of money on life coach sessions to figure out why my life was stuck on repeat… my great paying corporate world career, my marriage, everything just felt like I was living in an unfulfilling cycle that I wasn’t in control of. Totally mind numbing all the while I tried to pretend I was happy, I mean I did have a great job title and lived in the best city in world I should just be happy, right? Wrong!

It wasn’t until I met Monika that I realized I could actually have the life I had dreamt of, we worked together for about 6 months, I had a lot of blocked energy holding me back and preventing my life from being where it needed to be, she helped me realize that where I wanted to be in life was actually attainable, the most refreshing breath of fresh air I have ever experienced!

Since going through the energy overhaul experience with Monika, I have escaped the corporate world (yay!) and I now run my own consultancy, something I’ve always wanted to do but never thought I could make it happen. My marriage could not be better. My husband and I are a million times more in touch with each other, we’re full of love, laughter and happiness just how it was when we first met. And the amazing icing on the cake… after 8 years together we are over the moon to be expecting our first child in the summer.

I am thankful every single day of my life for meeting Monika, I am actually LIVING my life and it feels beyond amazing. Monika is absolutely worth the investment; she really is talented on so many levels. She is so committed and attune to what I needed, it was quite a surreal experience. Her sense of humor is second to none, it made the whole process incredibly fun, fulfilling and wow I learned a lot. I have so much love for Monika! Xx"

- JJ, UK