Psychic Reading - 75 minutes

Psychic Reading
Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading - 75 minutes


Very little in life is black and white.

Allow me to aid you in successfully navigating the 50 shades of grey or more in between... Bespoke, tailor made sessions are what I provide. By choosing the elements YOU need I am able to deliver your purchase in flawless fashion.

In your session I will arm you with the much needed clarity and insight on any and all aspects of your life. I cover the whole spectrum from self-empowerment, knowledge, and spiritual growth to precision accuracy and medium-ship on levels you will have not previously encountered. Your reading can be on any subjects you wish to explore: love and relationships, home, family, career. The list could go for miles.

Please do not feel you have to choose one thing. I have a genuine affection for my clients and their situations. My aim is not to keep you “on the phone as long as possible” this is why I offer pre-bookable sessions. For those requiring ongoing support I tailor further sessions to meet your specific needs. You will see there are a vast amount of choices and should what you seek not be present, simply email and your individual needs will be catered for in the best possible fashion for you.

For more than one session, or to purchase time as a gift for someone else you may buy blocks of time. The purchase of more than three hours in one block entitles you to a fifteen percent discount. Double that is twenty five percent off. The purchase of any time can be broken up in a way that works for you, so get in touch for custom time that suits your life.

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"This is akin to having your own eye in the sky whenever you need it. I bought two of the 60-minute packages and in the course of six weeks both me, my Mum, and my husband, believe it or not, all had readings. Monika came into my life completely by accident and I cannot express the wealth of support and information she has been for us. And it was bloody good fun too. My friend don't miss out, dive in, you will not regret it. A million thank-yous my American friend x"