Oh my goodness land...

Yes it’s outrageous and wholly unbelievable but the reason it is like that is because it’s all true. Super happiness can make a person lose their mind.

Sue, UK 

"Wow Factor!!! Monika is such a joy to have a reading with. She did tune in immediately to the situation. I was stunned! Loved her humour and she gets on with the reading as well. No questions asked. You will not be disappointed. Am looking forward to speaking to her again very soon. Thank you Monika xxx"

Zoe, UK 

"Monika came into my life at the exact right time...of course ;) This amazing lady is truly phenomenal, and not usually one for grand statements, she has fundamentally changed my life. Just one phone call and she tapped into everything I was feeling and that was blocking me, both stuff I knew and stuff that I didn't, that just connected once we spoke. Her straight talking approach is perfect. She bought me out of my shell and the true me has emerged. I feel like a new person, happy, lighter, so powerful and I even feel like I look different!!! Awesome! This lady is something special! Thank you xxx" Zoe

Maria, Canada 

"Outstanding. Words cannot express the nature or degree in which I could classify the reading I had with Monika today, this lady is outstanding amazing and fabulous without a shadow of doubt, Monika picked up on everything, when I say everything I mean everything in detail surrounding my situation, during my reading with her, this reading had me tripping over myself, it was an extremely great reading and I do highly recommend her, You would not regret it if you do, I just can’t find the words to describe how fantastic this reading was. Thanks a million Monika x x x x"

Jennie B, UK

"Blown away! I had a fantastic reading with Monika yesterday. I have been trying for at least two months to get a reading from her, but as she has been so busy, it has been very hard to do that, until yesterday. Monika firstly checked whether we had a connection, before proceeding with the reading. She was brilliant in picking up everything which was accurate that is going on around me. I must say, I have had many readings from various "psychics" and would say that this was one of my best. How do you do it? I do believe that what Monika predicted will come true! I feel very relaxed today. Thank you Monika for your much needed guidance. I will be in contact within the next two weeks to let you know what is happening. xxx" Jennie B 

"Predictions came in!! Hi Monika, just wanted to let you know that your prediction came in today. Your timings were spot on too. I heard from the man in question after four months of silence. Thank you Monika. I will try to give you call. Thank you very much." Jennie B

Tallulah, Barbados 

"Wonderful & Precious I had a reading with Monika. And well I was so happy she tuned in to me with amazing accuracy. She guided me through my situation. She had highlighted that I have had other readers with prejudging them but felt for me there was too many hurdles and cross vibrations that came in my way. As for my situation she offered to help me with some energy work, which I am internally grateful. She was remarkable and very talented. My only worry is that she is very busy. At the end, I felt release and confident, it must be her energy already flowing through me. I will wait and try to hold myself, I have every confidence that things will unfold due to the vibes I already was feeling. I will speak with you soon Love and Light"

Ellen, USA

"Spirit Release and Paranormal Expert! I have spent a fortune for several years on people who claimed they could resolve the haunting and paranormal activity in my Victorian home but to no avail. Then, I found Monika who resolved the problem for me with a couple of calls over the phone!!! When you suffer from paranormal activity, it is not an easy subject to raise with anyone and trying to get help is a lot of ‘hit and miss’ and very expensive. Also people don’t believe you and judge. I didn’t believe what was happening and believed I was going mad. Monika understood completely what was happening, was able to explain to me in ways I could understand as well as information about why it was happening, which I have been able to verify. Monika also gave me the FULL name of the male spirit and when I checked the deeds his name was on them and it’s not a guessable name. I have left it a while before I did the feedback because I wanted to be sure that all paranormal activity had stopped. I’ve had absolutely no problem whatsoever for over a year now. Monika is a truly gifted psychic and not your ordinary every day fortune teller. If you are experiencing any paranormal activity then do not hesitate to call her. I can never thank you enough Monika for giving me my peace of mind and home back."