Time to cough it up

Payment must be made prior to booking via Venmo or if you would prefer to arrange payment via bank transfer, this can be done too. Email me for details:  drmonikalee@icloud.com  

You are free to message beforehand to see if I have the timeslot free but without purchasing the time is not allocated to you. If you are unable to meet your time without a minimum of 5 hours notice you will lose your spot. My time is booked very quickly. Should you miss, you will be given one alternate time and upon failing to meet that time you will simply lose me and your money.


All sessions are booked with no more than a 48-hour gap whenever possible. I keep slots free everyday but they do fill very fast at times. 90 percent of the time I aim for same day appointments.

Refunds and Exchanges

I will only do a refund if for any reason I am unable to make our appointed time or if in the first three minutes of the session we agree I have no connection with you. Refunds will not be issued for any other reason. I keep a log of every meeting and proof of time spent.