So if you are anything like me you saw the name and probably laughed with a little bit of an eye roll on the side. Allow me to explain the choice for such a bold moniker...

I have had it pointed out to me on numerous occasions that I work in a surgeon-like way. I deal with each individual and case with precision, in a very clean and concise manner. I see my role as being the person who cuts through and removes all the toxic leftovers we all have that slow us down and take us to the places we never wished to go. When you strip away myth, mess, and the filler of "supernatural" and psychological blocks we are left with the problems and all the clues needed to resolve, repair, and move forward. Failure leaves as many clues to success if not more then success itself.


For five long years I was a psychic investigator and worked with law enforcement agencies both in America and abroad. I have conducted phone line readings in America and the UK; paranormal investigation and spiritual release; face-to-face readings, and worked in the capacity of psychic teacher. I have been actively working in this profession since 1987.

My skills involve linking with you or using the following tools of your choice: mediumship, physical mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, healing, love tarot, tarot, runes, spirit coaching, spirit release (ghost-busting sounds so vulgar darlings), pendulum work, the list is quite substantial. I am also deeply proficient in Shamanism and Wicca, Umbanda, Santeria, Hoodoo and Voodoo. I cover the whole spectrum from self-empowerment, knowledge, and spiritual growth to precision accuracy and mediumship on levels you will have not previously encountered.

Terribly intriguing, I know. The best advice I can give is to have a look at what I am offering, then have a look at you and where you are. Take a deep breath or two and ask yourself if it has worked out well so far.

       - Monika

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